Small Beginnings


After graduating Grand View with a four year degree in graphic design, I decided hair was really my passion. I seriously graduated April of 09, married July of 09, and started beauty school September of 09 (the same month my husband deployed). In 2010 I graduated from Iowa School of Beauty and had big dreams. I started with 90% child clientele, and started my own business 2 years out of school and 30 days before having my first child. In my 3 years of owning my own business, I haven't looked back. Many big changes are coming for me and I cannot wait! I have been doing hair for 6 years and have accomplished so much. From small beginnings, my dreams are so close to becoming my reality.

And I LOVE it!



Whitney Allie


I have wanted to be a stylist for as long as I can remember. I played softball for 16 years and my parents always reminded me that beauty school didn't have a softball team, so instead of graduating high school and beginning beauty school, I chose to have a four year degree. Which I would change for the world. As soon as I graduated and married, I decided that I was going to take the jump and start school again. I truly enjoy what I do, and love coming to work. I keep up with my education to bring new trends on cuts and colors into my salon. I keep a relaxed atmosphere, where it is pretty laid back.